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A few overstocks. Sealed reissues now deleted, with original artwork, original label design and without barcodes. Very limited in number. Priced to sell.

Jimmy Cliff, Wonderful World.

Released in ’69. JC wrote 9 of the 11 tracks. Incredibly strong and commercial material. Produced by Leslie Kong and backed by the house band the Beverleys. Impeccable. Also just known as ‘Jimmy Cliff’. What an album to start with.


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Jimmy Cliff, Wonderful World

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Jackie Wilson, Whispers.

Another LP that does not need much of an intro. JW was at his peak in ’66. His first Chicago LP, released after Soul Galore and before Higher & Higher. The inevitable Sonny Sanders, Gerald Sims and Carl Davis running the show.


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Jackie Wilson, Whispers

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Ivan ‘Boogaloo’ Jo Jones. Snake Rhythm Rock.

Released in ’72. Features Grady Tate and Rusty Bryant. East Coast to the core, another sound created at Englewood Cliffs. Predominantly funky and scratchy, with a couple of melodic ballad tracks.


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‘Boogaloo’ Joe Jones. Snake Rhythm Rock.

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Ebonys. Sing About Life.

Created a few years after their brilliant but commercially unsuccessful debut at Philly International, the group were back in Jersey for this their second album. Mostly up-tempo but with a couple of nice big ballads. Still sounded like Philly. A nice album that went nowhere.


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Ebonys, Sing About Life

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